Quick executive training course on social media and personal branding

We have had numerous requests from some very large corporate clients, for a quick, executive training programme, for their senior management. They asked us to provide them with some insights into great social media and personal branding and why it is important to them and their company.

It would seem that social media is starting to become more main stream in large corporates in South Africa and so we have now put together a short session to help executives understand this important subject.

It is designed to take the minimum time out of their busy diaries. I facilitate a one hour interactive presentation in which we examine these issues as they pertain specifically to them.

The course is customised for your company and your industry.

We also spend some time looking at some of the individuals’ own on line activities which they seem to enjoy.

For more info, or to book a session for your senior management, please mail me on katee@digitalbridges.co.za

About Digital Bridges

Digital Bridges creates high performance organisations by unlocking the business value of the innovation and , social media and enterprise technology. We create digital strategies, user requirement and functional specifications for Intranets, websites and web applications. We also develop and implement social media strategies and create powerful digital brands using eMarketing and communication.

Digital Bridges has recognised the changes to the business environment, brought about by enterprise technologies like SharePoint 2010, social media and gamification and is focussed on this.

We partner with great technology companies in order to ensure that our solutions are fit for purpose and deliver on organisational strategy.

We have also partnered with Innocentrix to bring Spigit Innovation software into this country. Spigit is an innovation platform built either in JAVA or native to SharePoint 2010. It uses social business and game mechanics to enable organisations to innovate at scale.

Digital Bridges relies heavily on rigorous academic thinking as well as business experience. It is headed up by Kate Elphick who has a Law degree and an MBA from GIBS. Kate has spent the last fifteen years of her career on the business side of the IT industry with companies such as Datatec, Didata, Business ConneXion and Primedia. Her skills include innovation and growth through marketing, communication, innovation, collaboration, knowledge management, human capital, performance management, process engineering and BI.

Digital Bridges has a broad range of experience working with significant, successful clients in the Financial, Gaming, Tourism, Pharmaceutical, ICT, Legal, Airline, Professional Services, Media and Public Sectors.

To find out more about Digital Bridges, please visit http://www.digitalbridges.co.za or contact Kate Elphick on katee@digitalbridges.co.za.


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