Please take part in our poll into Innovation in South Africa

Innocentrix and Digital Bridges are conducting an opinion poll on organisational innovation practises in South Africa. The purpose of the poll is to deepen our understanding of current innovation trends in the South African market and to specifically look at innovation approaches and tools. We intend for the results to be published in an industry specific magazine or other relevant media channels.


We would really appreciate your assistance and input. We promise not to divulge your details nor that of your company. Not ever, not even if we are threatened or tortured ….never!


The poll should not take longer than 10-15 min to complete and the closing date for submissions is 21 September 2011. If you would like a copy of the final report or would like to discuss these trends, please send an e-mail to and we will be in contact with you.


Thank you so much for making a difference to South African innovation efforts.


Please click on the link below to complete the survey.


Go on, you know you want to, you have lots to say, just do it! It’s fun to make a difference.


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